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No honey, you’re pregnant.


First off I would like to say this is NOT about my wife. Nikki is NOT pregnant.

 Now that we have that out of the way, I will continue.

Friday night we get a call for a Prirority 3 Abdominal Pain, 25y/o Female.  My partner and I arrive at the pt. We checked out the normal stuff: Vitals, 4 and 12-leads, etc to rule out a cardiac reason for her pain.  Now that we have decided her heart is not the problem we start looking at our differential diagnoses’.  Gall bladder, Aortic tear, Acid Reflux, etc.  after some investigation. the question is asked, “is there and chance you could be pregnant?”  “I guess I could be.” she says, “but I dont think so.”  My partner and I have, after extensive investigation, determined our pt is in fact pregnant and she doesn’t even know it.   How do you break that to someone? I have never had to. 

Her symptoms:

no period since October

Heartburn after greasy meals

Slight positional SOB

Nausea and vomiting in the AM

Lightheadedness when laying flat.

and them some others that I can’t remember.

So she says, “What do you think is the problem? Am I having a heart attack?”

 My partner then says “No honey, your pregnant.”

The amazing thing is 2 Males saw the signs/symptoms before she herself did. Now I know, “Maybe some one one the outside might have more insight”…..   no she has been pregnant multiple times How do you not learn. Keep your legs closed or use protection or even better BOTH, because some people are just to dumb to have children.