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Meet the Spartans

Holy Hell that was the worst movie I have ever laid my eyes on. Never has my time been so horribly wasted, except for that time I watched Brain Donors.  I get most types of humor, but I dont see how this movie was funny.  Carmen Electra looks hot in it but even she didn’t look like her normal smokin’ self.   This is one of those spoof movies that try to make fun of as many movies as they can in 90 min, in the same vain as the Scary Movie series, Not Another Teen Movie, Date Movie, The Combacks, Epic Movie, and the like (come to think of it most of them end in Movie).  I love that kind of comedy, I like to see how others take something we all know and are familiar with and make fun of it.  That being said Meet the Spartans is right up my alley. 


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