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I love school, no wait… yeah I do


I have a daughter, we all know this. I think she is the cutest thing on the planet, for those of you that may disagree, I may just have your legs broken… all it takes is one phone call. I digress… She does the funniest thing when I take her to daycare in the morning. She knows where she is going I ask “Do you want to go to school?” and she implies that she does. Once we get there she asks to get down once we get to the sidewalk. She runs to the outer door and tries to pull it open. She looks at me and says “Please”, so I open it for her. She runs to the inner door and reaches to push the buttons. Yes she does know the drill. I punch the code in and open the door for her. She runs to the door of her classroom and pulls the handle down. I pull on the door, Sky walks into the doorway and Stops……..up until the point she has been happy as a lark with smiles from ear to ear. The second the door opens the happy go lucky Skyler disappears. My happy little baby girl sits down looks at me and screams at the top of her lungs.

DISCLAIMER… I understand people’s views of daycare differ, but rest assured, within 10 minutes of me leaving, everytime, She is happy little Sky again. She enjoys daycare, to the point that she gets mad at us for coming to pick her up.