Ok, so I joined the bandwagon. I finally broke down and started a blog…  I figure this way family that I don’t talk to very much and people I don’t get to see very often could keep up with what’s going on. (Not that it’s that hard, I’m not that exciting)

So here it is:

the Encode

Your first question might be: Why “the Encode”?

Well here is my answer. An encode originated as a code that needed to be typed in to activate a channel so that paramedics could call a patient report to the hospital. Sometime later when technology does everything for us we no longer have to input the code the radio does everything. The encode came to mean the report being given. So now an encode is basically a heads-up about the pt the hospital is receiving. We let them know what happened what is the main problem, what we did to fix it, and how they are doing now (trying to keep it short and sweet).

So “the Encode” is a little head-up about me.  What have I been doing, how I’m doing now, and my plans for the future.

So welcome to”the Encode”