sleep is for the birds

ok so here it is 0530 hrs.  I’m not tired.  This hapens every once in a while.  The last few weeks I have been getting less and less sleep and it starts later and later every day.  I will have one late night for whatever reason, and bam it happens.  I know working nights doesn’t help but… what can you do.  I end up going to sleep later and later every night and eventually i end up like this. Its 530 am and while I am tired i know if i go to bed now I wont wake up in time for what i need to do tomorrow.  oh what is it you might ask. Well after I stop by CoA HR Employee Benefits office, I am driving to Huntsville.  Huntsville? you ask… My inlaws live there and My beautiful and always gorgeous bride, and my cute as a button daughter are there waiting for me.  While I would love to go to sleep and not wake up until like 4 in the afternoon (yes I have done it) I can’t.  I actually slept for 26 hours straight once.  I came back from summer camp on a Saturday got home around noon-ish,  finally went to take a nap after i was unpacked and mom was attacking the gigantic pile of ditry clothes fumigating the house, I think it was about 2 or so.  I didnt wake up until 4pm on Sunday.  As I remember, they were starting to get worried, and had checked on my numerous times (or so they say).  Gotta admit I was definitly refreshed when I woke up.  The funniest part, I went right to sleep later that night and slept until the morning.

So what I have now decided to do is clean the house. I already organized the garage a little.   threw out some crap that doesn’t need to be in there, like the empty boxes.  Moved MANY things around, and managed to perform a live action version of the scene from “The Simpsons” where Marge says everything cant fit into the car and suddenly the Tetris music starts and Homer stuffs everything in.

On another note all together… I think I am goign to play through Gears of War this week.  I hear its rather hard.  We will see.  I got the the regular difficulty of CoD4 in just a few hours.

Ok well I have managed to kill 18 minutes and probably wasted 25 of yours. but if you need help in wasting more time try starting here.

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