Busy busy busy…

OK well we have been busy in our household.  To start off, Nikki has been sick for a while now unfortunately.  We finally have a Dr. that has told us what it is not.  It is not any form of a cancer.  this is a good thing.  However it MAY be a disease called Lupus.  more on that later.

Skyler is now talking back. in the last month she has become so vocal, she carries on conversations, asks for certain thingswith a please and usually a thank you. 

I have beaten a bunch of 360 games so far.  I beat CoD4 today, I am almost doen with assassins creed.  i have beaten vegas and vegas 2.  now i just need to get some driving games so i can whip them into shape.  I applied for a game tester position but turns out 4 days a week isn’t enough.

We shaved Max.  he still has tons of hair but its more manageable now.

Sorry this is so short but I’ll have more time this weekend.



2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy…

  1. theencode

    Mine is on the main page, I’ll add you tomorrow, when I get home.

    Tell you what you can blow me up in CoD4, but then we get to play Vegas 2, I’ll even let you smell your own burning flesh after I Smoke you.


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