long time no see but here comes E3

Well alot has gone on since the 20th of june.  (that was my last post)   My best friend and my sister-in-law got married (yes to each other) so now my best friend is my brother-in-law.   I have been sick twice, Skylerhas been sick, Nikki has been having migraines, and been sick on top of that.  so now that that is out of the way.  Not much has happened. I thought I was close to my xbox but then forgot that rent was due…oops.  so now I am just waiting longer.  

There is, however, good news (and no I did not just save a bunch of money by switching to GEICO) 

E3 starts in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So microsoft has a few rumors floating around. 

1. $50 price drop on the pro system making it now $299.99

2. 60 Gb hdd in the pro system. 

3.  Something called Lips.

and a few others. 

So monday – we await your arrival.

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