Our new home (almost)

Because our plans for the future include vacations, big expensive toys (for me), and nice lavish clothes (for her), we are going to need some money, greenbacks, cash, dinero, clams, you get the idea. Since the lottery hasn’t worked out so far we are going to try getting that money the old fashioned way; putting it in the bank. So we have developed a plan.

Our plans for becoming rich:

1: Move out of this house and into a smaller apt.

2: Take the money we save and NOT spend it.

3: Watch the savings add up until we have so much we don’t know what to do with it all.

4: Swim in a sea of $100 bills.

yeah that last part is just for kicks it was not born out of necessity.

So the apt hunt began.  I have looked at some nice places and some not so nice places. Can you believe the rates they get away with charging people these days. I saw a 2/2 apartment 1600-ish sq. ft. for almost $2000/month. Who can’t buy a house with that kind of money.

I think we finally settled on the right complex and turns out there was an add on CL for one with a garage in our price range in that complex. So we will see how soon we could get into it.

More on our search later…

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