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Since I have my blockbuster subscription, I have been watching a lot of movies lately. I like to consider myself a movie buff to some extent. I am definitely more of a comedy fan than drama or romance etc. So I am going to start compiling my list on movies you must see. As I was typing that last sentence I decided to make it it’s own page here on the Encode.

I’ll review a few of the ones I have most recently seen. If you don’t want my opinion then don’t read it.

Semi-Pro – Rated R: Another Will Ferrel Movie, I am not a huge Ferrel fan but he is a good actor and is good at the parts he does. This movie was pretty funny I laughed I cried (wait no i didn’t that was the onions I cut up for dinner) I dont like basketball but this one was good. I definitely would say:


Munich – Rated R: If you like deep, dark, and violent movies then this one is for you. nobody I recognized in the cast, but that didn’t make it any less watchable.


Accepted – Rated PG13: Its not new (2006), but its good I have seen it multiple times and enjoy it everytime. I like to keep it around for when there is nothing good on tv. Its one of my fallback movies. In the same way that Office Space and SuperTroopers are, as I am going to call them “new classics”. while not as good as those 2 still good.


I’ll start the movie page sometime this week maybe. keep looking on the side bar for the link and see whats next in my Blockbuster queue there as well.

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