decisions, decisions

ok everyone knows I want an Xbox 360.  that obvious. but There is something I am wanting for work, that I think would help me out quite a bit… here is the deal.  Because of my ADD I have trouble filtering out background noise most of the time.  So when the radio is on and I am trying to listen even the slightest background confuses me and I cant listen to what I am trying to listen to.  At the Gaylord Hotel and Resort we used consealed earpieces like the secret service uses for example.  I never had trouble hearing my radio.  Here I cant hear a damn thing.  So this is what I want. So now I am trying to decide do I get this to help me out at work not 100% necessary but would be extremely beneficial.  The xbox is not necessary at all however it can provide thousands of hours of entertainment and stress relief not only for me but also for the family.  So with you comments I would like you to vote.   Xbox or headset???

One thought on “decisions, decisions

  1. Bo

    Headset. Definitely. Better job performance over the long run means more Xboxes down the road. And it means less job stress for you now.


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