sleep, glorious sleep.

I think I picked the right occupation.  Yeah, parts of it suck – getting up in the middle of the night and having to immediately be on your toes. low pay and long hours. but there are other times that make it all worth it.  like today for example, I got to work around 0530  we did shift change, my partner and I checked out the truck. I then went to bed at about 0645.  our tones dropped at 0810 for a post assignment. (we go and sit somewhere is a different district because those trucks are busy). they keps us posted for around an hour. so we get back around 0930-0945. I rwent right back to bed and I got to sleep until 1330.   AHHHH  i love my job. I am going to go play a little Socom now that i have caught up on my sleep.   and I think I have a movie waiting for me.


One more thing – the best part about this– its all overtime all day long.

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