How do you spend money to make it when you dont have it???

Today sucks. Not only can I not find a way to earn money for my xbox but I have come ro the realization that I shouldn’t be spending it on an Xbox  at this point in time anyway.  Nikki hasn’t even bought her bride’s maid dress for her sister’s wedding. we still need to buy skylers dress too.  Rent in due Fri. and I didn’t work any overtime the last 2 weeks so it just barely covers rent. then there are going to be bills to pay. so needless to say i feel selfish spending money on an xbox when there is other stuff I need to buy.

The old saying is that you have to spend money to make money.  but how do you spend it when you dont have it?   and then on those days when it feels like the world is out to get you and nothing goes right, yeah those days, I usually look for the silver lining.  but lately havent been able to find it.  I have a wonderful family a beautiful daughter, the best wife anyone could ask for whom I love dearly with all of my heart. that is my silver lining but there are some days you need a little more.   like the lottery I could really use a winning lotto ticket right now.

or maybe some overtime. I am willing to earn my extra money, I would love to work some overtime this week and next  BUT THERE ISN’T ANY.   I was on the volunteer list all week and nothing.


Ok I feel a little better. 

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