May 2011

Ok so maybe we will try a post a month and then get to one every week.

I’ve been working with our Explorer Post a lot lately and am taking a break from the webpage software we are using because (at least for me) its not very intuitive.  this wordpress stuff is a piece of cake compared to Moodle in my opinion.  I cant get it to do what I want. I made a new page and now the navigation links at the top are missing. its just a pain in the ass right now. I cant get root access to the back end of the file structures to install plugins i have to go through someone else. and i guess its not that bad considering the department is hosting it for us.  because of what i am used to its just not that easy to learn.  Installing themes is hidden somewhere. I like how wordpress allows you to install things from the site admin side instead of having to go into the file structure to do it.  oh well we will get it figured out.

So Skyler is napping and Nikki doesn’t feel well so they are both in their rooms asleep.  I really need to clean the house but cant get myself to get up and do it. I guess while I’m up I could do some laundry.

Nikki started a new job 3 weeks ago. she loves it. Her best friend Mikela got hired on later that same week so they are both happy to be working together again.

Dont really have anything else to say here today maybe soon ill post again.


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