cursed Ipods

How hard would you think it could be to sell 2 Ipods? Really. one guy stood me up twice. another guy says he wants it but is to busy to come get it. so i told him i was going to try to get it to another guy but i would call him if he backed out. that guy called me 2 hours before he was coming to get it and told me he didn’t want it anymore. (he had a good reason or maybe just a good story)… i have hod tons of email and each time i say Yes it is available call me and i can tell you more about it. but my phone just sits there silently mocking me.

I am buying my xbox with the Ipod money, so until somebody makes up their damn minds about it. I cant get my xbox. I am so frustrated right now. hell I will even ship it somewhere at this rate. Maybe ill post it on craigslist amsterdam and see what happens but they just may be too stoned to get the address right.



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