Episode number 116. or something like that

I’ve been working on a ton of stuff for the Explorer Post recently. Our first major event is next weekend.  We (and when I say “we” I mean the youth) are going to be providing the first aid to the participants at the District Camporee at Griffith League Scout Ranch just outside of Bastrop.  This will be a good test of their skills and to see how well they have listened.  We are also looking at this as a very good recruiting event as most of the youth that will be participating are of the correct age range to join.  Hopefully there won’t be any catastrophic injuries etc.

I am really excited about helping this explorer post out. I have spent a lot of time trying to get things done and really hope that it lasts.  We have a good group of youth that are very ambitious and have a lot of drive.  Now that we have a good foundation to start with I hope they can recruit new youth who are just as motivated and excited as they are.  I really want to see this post succeed and grow to reach its full potential.  Our Chief is excellent in giving us the reigns and letting us run with it while supporting it 100%.  

We have a big week ahead of us as well. Bryan (the Lead Post Advisor) and I have a LOT of stuff to do before this big event next weekend.  Gathering medical supplies from supply James is going to be so happy when we come and confiscate 10 boxes of Band-Aids, 100 cravats, and 100 rolls of kerlix, not to mention board splints, SAM splints, pelvic binders of all sizes, Tylenol, and the like.  I have artwork that needs done but I need to “rebuild” the Star of Life on the Post patch so it can be blown up to 16″ wide for a banner that has already been paid for and is just waiting on the artwork that I have to provide. We also need to order 2500 brochures to pass out at upcoming events. Probably take one to each EMS and Fire station. Lucky for me the brochure is complete. Unless i finish a menu for Bryan Nikki and I we are going to be going hungry. 

Yes, I did say Nikki. She is attending this event as well. See we have a good number of female advisors, but the vast majority of them work on the weekends and since this event is a Fri – Sun we don’t have any that can go. The kicker is the rules states that anytime a female youth is present at least one female advisor must be present also.  Which makes sense but what makes this difficult is that the majority of our youth are female.  So mix a female group with male advisors and you get a lawsuit waiting to happen no matter how careful anyone is.  So we decide to play by the rules and Nikki volunteered.  (BECAUSE SHE IS AWESOME). 

Skyler starts school in august. we found a private school near the house that came highly recommended by our dentist.  Skyler is VERY excited and already has her backpack, lunchbox, and some other things ready for school to start. 

Speaking of kids, its official we are having only one.  We/I took a big step in securing that a week or so ago and went and got me the big SNIP.  Why everyone says its no big deal is beyond me. I expected to begin feeling better a few days in but DAMN did that hurt.  The procedure went pretty well. I went into the room about 15 min after taking a sedative and dropped trou. They lay me down in this cold ass room on a cold ass table with no blanket and my junk hanging out.  I was then informed that the doctor would be in soon.  After 5 min or so I closed my eyes and what seemed like almost immediately (it was almost 40 minutes) the Dr came in the room and said “Well, are you ready for this?”  He told me I would feel a little poke “down there” and then based only on what I felt happen afterward I can only assume he pulled out the largest needle in existence and jabbed me in the nuts with it.  He assured me it was a small needle, but any needle poking around the family jewels is too big.  The medicine took hold quickly and he went to work. I didn’t feel much after that, a sharp pain here or a small tug there and then it was over. He told me I could walk out and go home. Lots of ice oh and here is some vicodin.  the next day or two is a blur but apparently I talked to my mother-in-law for a while on the way home and was not my normal self but some hilariously drunk retard version of myself who couldn’t read 3 words without laughing.  Too bad I don’t remember it. I spent the rest of the week on the couch doing little except constantly thaw bags of frozen peas with my testicles.  I finally got up off the couch on Friday to go outside a little. Sat I “helped” Nikki in the flower bed. To be honest I watched her do most of the work. Sunday I felt much better and was able to get up and walk around without significant pain. The good news is, here I am now, mostly pain free with it all behind me. 

I figure this is enough information for now; I have some real work to get working on.  You can look forward to another post next week.  Yeah, next week. I’m going to try just one a week for a while and see where that takes me. 


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