Yeah so I’m bad about updating this.  i need to figure out how to get posts added when i change my facebook status.  or tweets etc. 

for now I’m at work. been working on Explorer post stuff but for now im finished waiting on people to call/email me back.  kinda bored with the internet for now.   at the fire station for my shift today and my partner is asleep. im getting a little hungry, but dont want to wake her up to go get food. 

home stuff has been really good lately. Nikki and i have been able to spend more adult time together lately. send sky to daycare and hang out with people our age.  thats good for us.

we have been having fun with Skyler too. she’s not left out.  we took her bowling for the first time last weekend.  she loved it. just doesnt have much power behind the ball (which is to be expected) so it takes 30-40 seconds for the ball to make it to the pins.  but she has fun which is all that matters. 

Sky has a “boyfriend” now. recently they got in their first fight. now this is all in skyler’s head. while the boy actually exists they only see each other in daycare, so the arguement over the phone is imaginary.

well gotta run for now think im gonna eat something.


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