“Bud” Berger

Arnold “Bud” Berger Passed away Saturday, Peacefully with family at his side.  Rest in peace Yogi.  I have heard more stories this week about this guy. Many stories about how much he loved his family and friends. He was a big joker too. always making up stories and everyone ,except grandma, believed him.

Here is a quick write up from 2002 and his Hall-of-Fame induction.

So many wonderful stories, about the notes he left for Grandma, songs he would sing to her everyday.  How they met.  It’s funny the way Grandma tells it “We met in Jail.” She says he would come to the jail and show his racing movies to the inmates. Until one day as he walked by her desk he said, ” Hey pretty lady. Get rid of those orange shoes and I’ll take you dancing.” from there it started. Something I didn’t know before this week, Grandma and Grandpa got married 3 times. which means they divorced twice. I guess the third time’s the charm.

I wish I had known him better and been able to spend more time with him.  That mistake wont be made with Grandma.
There is the story about Grandpa playing Donkey Baseball in his younger years. When the stubborn ass (the donkey, not Grandpa) wouldn’t run to the base, Grandpa reached down and picked up that donkey and carried him on his shoulders.

He was a local celebrity back home in Sioux Falls, not only for his driving, but also as a lifesaver.  He retired from driving shortly after saving the life of another driver. How he saved that life depends on who you ask.  The Hall of Fame article above states that he held Hatten’s head out of the water until move help arrived.  family clarifies that by saying he managed to lift the car enough to keep his head above water.  While there is only one “true” story, neither story would suprise me, and either way Bud saved his life.  Retiring did’t keep Bud away from the track.  He went on to perform MANY other jobs at the track.  Even after leaving the track in an official capacity, He could be found at the track as a spectator every sunday. Racing was his life and came in second only to Grandma.

Now the reason I believe these stories about Grandpa is because they didn’t come from the man himself. He is also known for his hijinx.  Grandma told us a story about a jacket she has.  the Golden Vista RV park gave you one of these jackets when you paid something rent like a year in advance. Well Grandpa being a rather large man, required a rather large size. So instead of just saying that he didn’t get one. He simply told people the park gave him $1000 instead. Apparently this caused a huge problem.  People were going into the office left and right demanding their $1000.

I would love to sit here on the ride home and continue with the stories but I need to keep this short.  There are so many more stories to tell I’m sure i will revisit them at a later date.  Grandma has all but promised to visit us in TX. As a matter of fact to remind her that she needs to visit, the Key for her Wireless network is “iwillvisittexas”. That part is Chris’ genius.

Thats all for now, look for more on the road trip soon under the roadtrip category to the right.

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