Taxes, Hammocks, good tunes, and good beer

Well its tax time again I hope you all have either done your taxes or filed the extension you are going to need in about 8 hrs. While we (by we I mean my lovely beautiful wife) filed ours yesterday, and for the first time I owe and it sucks. Yeah Economic stimulus package. I should get the whole amount but thats not until June or July.

So I spent almost my entire day trying to figure out what my penalty will be for not paying right away. Much to my shagrin its more than i want to spend. The good news… I enjoyed every minute of it. I have my awesome hammock chair out on the porch its a nice cool day, i put the litte IPOD speaker system out there. Sat down with some Budweiser Select and a pork chop for lunch. So in my defense I DID get a lot done. I Just had a good time doing it.

Ray (my old work partner) came back over today. and now admittedly we are just chillin outside.

 The ony thing that coud make my porch better (other than my Beautiful woman by my side) is a big screen TV and an XBOX.

Brainstorm -nikki dont read this part-  one day when i have my “man cave” back, I’m going to hang these hammock chairs as the seats in front of the tv, SWEET. 

thats it from my awesome world


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