I need blog help

I enjoy this blog stuff, I really do.  what I dont enjoy is sifting through lines of code trying to figure out this stuff that I really have NO clue about.  so if anyone out there in the blogosphere can help me I would very much appreciate it. 

here is what I am trying to do:

1.  I have already setup a page for the Triumph Category. I would like that particular page to use a different theme than the rest of the blog. Something car based obviously.  I can change the standard logo image. I am getting confused with the category ID stuff and the hierarchy.   once I figure out / am taught how to do this ill do it for the Xbox360 Category.

2. I want the damn thing to ALWAYS work with my iphone app.  its weird, some themes cause it to not work. I keep getting an “NSXHTML error error 76″ when i open the app. Oh yeah and NOTHING WORKS!

I dont think these 2 things are too much to ask.  it should be relatively easy. and for someone who knows what they are doing this may be a complete breeze.

So here is my plea. Someone please help me complete these two tasks.  Better yet, teach me how to do them by myself.  im am having to re-learn HTML, and I am still learning CSS. this PHP stuff has me baffled.

Thanks internet.


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