Time is money so lets waste all of mine

Now I have heard pt’s say stupid things. But Sat night I heard one that takes the cake for this year. (remember its only March)  This pt had been arrested for disorderly conduct   and because he was acting strangely APD suspected he was on PCP (that is ALWAYS their diagnosis for someone acting strange) so we get to come out at almost 1 am to see what this guy’s major malfunction is.  My partner was conducting her usual pt interview, getting vital signs and I am sitting behind in the captain’s seat doing the paperwork.  I get to the blank about medical insurance.   Obviously we don’t require someone to have insurance to get treatment but we ask for it when we have an opportunity just to get that part out of the way.  I lean forward to the pt and say’ “Fred, (as usual name changed to protect the innocent until proven guilty) what do you use for your medical insurance?”  His reply: “Shit I don’t waste my money on shit like insurance.”  

Waste his money. That’s right now I get to waste my money on shit like his medical bills in the way of taxes.  Austin offers a MAP (Medical assistance program) it’s easy to get into but so many people just don’t.  It makes things cheaper for them. Granted I am still paying for it, in part. But those with MAP are charged less for the same services, and many of them actually make at least an attempt at payment.  Here is the kicker IT’S FREE but does he have it??? Hell no.

It would be nice if I could just not pay for medical bills? because if that was the case I wouldn’t be “Wasting my money on shit like insurance”

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