A Sad Day

Those of you that know me well know that for the last 2 years I have kept a Saltwater Aquarium.  Due to the size of the apartment we are moving into we made the decision to not move the tank to the new place.  We made this decision with a heavy heart.  So on Wed, someone (calling him A) contacted me about the ad for the items.  (I am keeping the tank and all the hardware) He and I slowly dismantled the aquascape rock by rock, until just my false percula clown fish named Lambchop was left.  A had agreed to take the fish with him even though he didn’t really have the room for her.  He was taking her home so he should take her too.  The initial plan was that he would offer her to someone in the club at no profit to him.  By 2pm on wed my tank was empty of everything but the water.  I checked the post I had placed on the ARC forum, and someone was asking about my clown that was in need of a loving home.  I am glad to announce, A placed Lambchop into his tank and she immediately took to the male clown already living there.

Actually the clown paired up with mine as soon as I put him in the tank. Thanks a lot Rob, they are a really cool pair. Your Clown is teaching mine how to go and be cleaned by the fire shrimp and they are having a lot of fun. I pair of clowns are a lot cooler than just one, very different behavior. I just need to get my new tank up and running because of the big bio-load I added.

So I am glad to hear that Lambchop is happy in her new home and that she even has a new Boyfriend. I will post some pictures of her and her BF once I get some. 

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