So as usual it’s been a while. I’m thinking it’ll be a little easier now that I can blog from my iPhone.  A couple things recently; Skyler is getting bigger (as usual) and she is getting smarter. I can’t imagine what she will be like when she is all grown up. She is a great little girl I missed her so much the last few weeks.

A few weeks ago we were at a Chinese Buffet place reading fortune cookies after lunch. Skyler opened hers and had Budda read it.  It said, “We will never know the value of water until the well runs dry.” About 10 minutes later Linda was opening hers and Skyler asked if so could do it. So she cracks it open pulls out the fortune and says “until the well runs dry.” She was so proud that she had “read” the fortune. Ahhhhh, what a cutie.

You may or may not know that Nikki’s dad had to have bypass surgery almost 2 weeks ago. So Nikki and Skyler went to stay with her parents during his recovery. You know help out around the house that kind of stuff.  I went down to visit yesterday because I haven’t seen any of them since before the bypass.  Dad is doing pretty good. He still gets winded and stuff but that is to be expected for now.  Its strange not seeing your family for so long, but I have to say it’s a great feeling when you do get to see them again. Skyler clung to me like white on rice yesterday and today.

I have to brag about something. I don’t usually like to brag but I did 2 things I haven’t ever done before today.  The first showed my plumbing prowess (and without showing my ass crack.)  Nikki’s parents haven’t watered their yard since September thanks to Hurricane Ike. Nikki’s dad was holding out for a particular pump to supply the water to the system and because of its size and power he was having a hard time finding it and then once he did, it had to be ordered. So sure enough it finally came in, the day before his open heart surgery.  Needled to say he hasn’t felt well enough to install it. With the temperature reaching 100 degrees a few times now the grass started to turn brown and die off. The trees were starting to look pretty crappy. Nik’s mom has a little maple out back whose leaves are a beautiful golden brown. Unfortunately they aren’t supposed to do that until fall. Now Nikki kinda volunteered me to install the pump but I was more than happy to. So we got everything together and made a trip to Lowes in Livingston bought all the PVC, and looked like the Clampets on our way back. We had to take her mom’s Impala but we also had to take 4 people. Lucky for us the car has a sunroof. Now imagine an impala with 10feet of PVC sticking straight up out of the sunroof.  It wouldn’t fit any other way, I swear.  Last night I got some things ready planned out the fittings and directions, etc. 

This morning sky wakes me up at 8 and I have to get started.  Nikki and I head down to the boat house, because that’s where the pump is going to be stored.  I guess steve learned his lesson the last time, before Ike it was on the dock that no longer exists, and I’ll bet its not too far from its original location.  First was cleaning out the massive pile or junk just tossed inside after Ike that nobody has had time to deal with so that the pump had a place to sit. After that was done we did the dry fitting of all the plumbing, both in from the lake and out to the sprinkler system already in place.  By 1pm I had the plumbing all finished and tied down in the lake. By 2 I had the pump wired, primed, and was turning it on. “It’s Alive!!!!” went to the house took a shower. Then found out the OT I requested had been approved.  And I had to be at work at 6, (it’s a 3.5 hr drive) So I managed to turn a 3.5 hr drive into a 2.75 hr drive. This part I’m not too proud of but its behind us and I got home safely, so we wont speak of this ever again, Understand. Good.

That’s whats up right now. New changes coming tomorrow. look out.


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