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So my mom says I need to update my blog more often. Mom;  this one’s for you.

Nikki found an article about a hobby called letterboxing. see nikki’s blog for details . we have been doing this as a family and have really taken to it. exploring different parts of the city that we have lived in for a while and seeing new things we didn’t even know were here.  I haven’t put anything on here in a while, with facebook and twitter I’m sure people are tired of hearing about what is going on with me.  

Dave and I “fixed” my truck and got third gear back but it still isn’t running on all cylinders… well it is running on all cylinders its the tranny that’s the problem not the engine. but it is displaying the signs that another clutch is going out. so we are going to be replacing the tranny with another one. but a rebuilt is too expensive so i have to buy used. and its not easy to find a good one for what i can fit into my budget.  Anyway im trying to work as much overtime as i possibly can here in the next few weeks so that i can have that money for a new tranny.  Dave has so graciously offered to help me drop the old one and put the “new” one in.  I have the greatest friends anyone could have. they all got together and pitched in for the tranny cost i have that money sitting at home waiting for a transmission worthy of it. 

Skyler is doing all kinds of things lately. she has really learned how to push mommy and daddy’s buttons, luckily we know how to push them back.

I’m at work at the moment. and dont really feel like typing anymore so maybe ill continue it tomorrow.


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