Little visitors.

So the other day Nikki and I were sitting on the couch when Nikki looked over to the window only to notice a small little critter climbing on the chair and up onto the window screen. It took a second or two to realize that our little visitor was a small baby opossum.  Of course I ran for the camera and started taking a few pictures. We decided to let him on his own but we followed from a distance for a few minutes.  Then the situation changed. Nikki and I were back to the couch sitting down when a big black cat walked onto our patio sniffing the ground, obviously following the scent of our young friend.  Me, being the animal lover that I am, scared off the cat and took the little guy in. A Google search found the Wilderness Rescue Institute, who told us that he was too young to be out on his own and that the little babies mother would not be returning for her.  We made the short drive out to their facility dropped off what turned out to be a little girl.  after returning home we went outside to play and began talking to our neighbor, who told skyler, “I’ve got a suprise for you. Take a look into this bucket.” Sure enough he had found a second little baby possum. We ended up taking her to the rescue place also.  Feeling happy they were both safe from becoming a small kitty snack we returned home.  I guess I will keep my eye out for other baby things from now on.  So Thank You to the Wilderness Rescue Institute. I Think I may even try to volunteer there and maybe I can help make a difference in the animal kingdom.

OK now for the good stuff. here are all the pictures.

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