Finally, im pain free (mostly)

It took a little over a week but my back has finally stopped hurting. Skyler and Grammie built a so called “fort” last Tuesday. Me, being dad, has to show them how its really done. Of course the fort was the size of the entire living room it took a queen sized comforter, 2 king sized sheets and 1 queen sized sheet. Skyler loved to sit in it and play. we ate lunch, took a nap, and even watched TV all from within the security of our fort. We all had a good time… that is until i woke up the next morning with a raging pain in my lower back. i couldn’t stand i couldn’t sit, i couldn’t do anything without excruciating pain.  i missed a week of work because of that stupid fort. I was miserable 24/7 unless i was lying in bed.  The good news is Nikki humored me and let me put the xbox  back in the bedroom. that made my miserable days go by relatively well.  Then i enjoyed the doctor visit sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like hour after agonizing hour (it was 10 minutes).  The doctor was nice to me and gave me a script for both 10mg flexeril and vicodin.  I slept for the next few days.  Today I finally woke up mostly pain free.  A few positions still hurt, but I am finally mostly pain free.  which is awesome because now we are going to spend tomorrow at… wait for it……… Sea World… “its going to be legendary”

ill put pics of the fort up later we are going to the county line for dinner so i gotta go put the car seat into my mom’s car.


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