Anniversaries, holidays, and family time

So I know I haven’t posted i a while. I’m going to start looking for a blog host that I can text in my posts or email a post, not that I don’t have access to the internet but I’m just too lazy.

Alot has been going on.

Today is Nikki and I’s 5th anniversary. yup married 5 years ago today.  Nikki has been very excited about the gift she is giving me, i dont know what it is yet (obviously) but apparently its awesome. (ill let you know later)… her gift is great too and I think she will really like it.  It is …..wait for it…. YEAH RIGHT. I havent given it to her yet I’m not an idiot (contrary to popular belief) you really think im going to post it online before i give it to her.  again I’ll tell you later.  Skyler is growing up to be a beautiful little girl. sometime a bratty one at that but still a beautiful little girl.

ok more later off to the hotel (thanks for the room rick)

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