Check that one off the list.


Everyone has a list of things they want to do or see before they kick the bucket. No, this wasn’t inspired by the recent movie with the excellent Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. While my list consists of things like: go to Alaska, see the grand canyon, dive the great barrier reef, swim in a huge ass aquarium, see Metallica in concert, be in a movie, and make enough money to not have to worry about it (not likely on my salary). I listened to a lot of “The Highway Men” in college and I had always wanted to see Merle Haggard in concert, it was on my list. He died of complications from diabetes on Feb 13, 2002. So that Item was removed from my list prematurely.

Within the next year or two Willie Nelson was in concert near me, I wasn’t working, and I had the money for the tickets, but for some reason I didn’t go. Afterwards I thought “Man, what happens if he dies too before I get to see him?” so I vowed not to let that happen. Seeing Willie Nelson in concert was moved right to the top of my bucket list.

Well folks, tonight I scratched off the top item on my list. Yep, I just got home from seeing Mr. Mary Jane himself in concert. AWESOME. While I have to admit this may not have been one of his better shows, it was a show none the less. Songs on the playlist for tonight included Georgia, good hearted woman, If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time, Me And Bobby McGee, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Crazy, and others. I was a little disappointed that Whiskey River and On the Road Again were not played. I was happy to hear 2 newer songs both funny and witty. All in all, a good performance by Mr. Nelson, and I am glad I was there to see it.

Now onto the Great Barrier Reef, or maybe the movie thing….

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