One more reason why logitech kicks ass

So for Christmas Nikki got me a Universal remote made by Philips.  It was nice. It looked good I’ll give it that. Programming was relatively easy. But no matter what I couldn’t get it to control our AT&T reciever. Even after using the original remote to “learn” the new remote all the buttons, it still didn’t work.  I had the Logitech 880 on my christmas list, but the budget couldn’t swell enough to cover both the remote and my MP3 player I wanted. So she decided to go with the MP3 player (between you and me I’m glad she did, I love that thing, And not only does it play the music, but I have added past and current seasons of my favorite shows to watch when I have time to kill.) and in doing so the Logitech remote had to be skipped over.  However as I mentioned earlier the new one just wasn’t working.  Oh, I forgot to mention what happened when I called Philips tech support.  The tech support phone call went kinda like this:

Them – “The directions are pretty simple, just follow those”

Me – ” I did. and it still doesn’t work. Is there any warranty if it is a faulty product?”

Them – “Oh yes.  Its 74.99 for a repair.”

Me- “It’s Brand new why does it cost me to send it in or have it replaced?”

Them – “Because you purchased it from a third party vendor, Our warranty does not cover it.”

etc., etc., etc.  I cant believe it. but they wouldn’t budge on it, and believe me I tried.

Yesterday, I spotted a miracle in front of me.  Craigslist is great.  Its what ebay started out to be without the auctions.  It’s “I have this I want to sell. It costs this much. Let me know if you want it.” or ” I have this I am looking for.”  There it was “Harmony 880 Logitech Remote – $80 (Austin)” Cheaper than I had ever seen it.  I emailed her and said “I’ll take it just let me know where to get it.”  Later that evening I picked it up. brought it home and I LOVE IT.  Its took maybe 15 minutes to get it set up.  At that point I can get it to work for all of my devices. I dont have it customized yet but it works. HOLY CRAP that was easy.  it took Nikki and I another 30 minutes to customize everything and I am still playing with things to get them just the way I like them. Like today I found out that I can program in my favorite channels and then I can set and icon for each so that I press a button and the first 8 show up with the channel icons for each individual network.  Awesome.  So needless to say I love this remote. It even controls my Xbox.  Isn’t technology wonderful???

Speaking of technology I just watched  Untraceable with Jodie Foster.  Good movie.  I liked the whole concept, and I recommend it. Nikki can only recommend the first half. This is normal for most movies with her.  The first 30-40 minutes is all she gets to see.

Well I guess thats all I got in my head for now.  Damn that remote kicks ass.


One thought on “One more reason why logitech kicks ass

  1. Nikki

    So I do recommend Untraceable too…I did watch the whole movie!!! Plus the remote is nice, however, we cannot mute the tv….guess Rob needs to do some adjusting…sorry honey!


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