TDH’s Master Stocking list

Texas Dept of Health (TDH) is the “governing body” that mandates what must be carried on a vehicle for it be certified as an “ambulance”.  They started to do random checks today. so Katie and I went out to thetruck and check and counted EVERYTHING.  This truck wasn’t bad considering it is usually a reserve truck.  in the end we were short 1 60cc toomey syringe and 3 acetone wipes.  not too bad… then of course nobody showed up to inspect our truck.

I finally got my bar power supply ready. So neighbors, get ready. here comes the tunes. I love sitting out on the patio listening to music in the hammock. it may be too cold tomorrow but im going to go out there anyway.

and now i am going to my bedroom because katie watching american idol and its a 2 hr show tonight.  hopefully they will leave us alone tonight and let me sleep without those cursed pagers going off.


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