Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. etc. etc.

I know its been a while but i have been busy.  a few things have happened…

1st – Merry Christmas to everyone… hope yours was as good as mine. I enjoyed spending time with family and such.

2nd – Happy New Year,  Nikki and I decided to be boring and we sat at home and played xbox until about 1210, had some champagne, and then went to sleep.

3rd – congrats to the Florida gators on their championship, and a great big thanks to all the people involved in not letting t.u. even have a chance at another national championship. I don’t know that i could have been able to stay here in town and listen to all the crap. I’m not saying my Aggies could have done better, I’m just saying I’m tired off all this (said in a high pitched whiny voice)” Texas is better than everyone” junk here in Austin.

I’m glad i have been able to type this much… the game is on so the call volume has dropped.

I have a few things that I need to discuss get off my chest.  Right before Christmas some friends of ours and Nikki and I went out to a few “Gentleman’s clubs” in Houston.  I have to say I have never been so disappointed in my life… apparently there is a newer city(?) ordinance that requires all the dancers to wear shorts (most were wearing the boy short style cut underwear) while onstage.  Even more ridiculous than not letting them show butt cheek is that they are now required to put latex paint over the nipples so as not to reveal any of the areola.   Really??? I paid $20 to go see some chick on a stage wearing shorts and latex paint.  why would I even want to go? I can get into one of those pastie bars where they wear bikini bottoms and pasties for free. why would i want to pay money to see less? I didn’t realize Houston was that prudish.  We told our friends that the next time they come to austin  we are taking them to a real strip club.  I guess that means we are going to have to visit all of them to decide which is the best huh????-wink-wink.

My other big complaint… Drivers who just stop in the middle of the road when they hear or see an emergency vehicle.  last time i checked you were supposed to pull to the right so I didn’t have to zig zag between all the cars on the road.  and who’s brainchild was it to just stop right where you are in the middle lane. at least the people that pull to the left are kinda out of the way. those of you that just stop in the middle should be required to go back to drivers ED, and this time dont sleep through the what not to do section.  so as a recap Pull over to the right and stop, if i pass you before you have had a chance to stop thats ok ill forgive you but at least make the effort. 

So I ordered my Oakleys from Oakley yesterday.  I got them online  from oakley through the discount site they have for Police fire ems military etc. everything is HALF PRICE. I spent 108.50 i think + shipping for a pair of glasses, a case and a spare pair of lenses that easily would have cost over $200 normally.  I am thinking about finding their transition lenses and trying them out too.  Next few weeks i am hoping to pick up an earpiece for my work radio. then ill be set.

Well i Hope all is well with you (who ever you are) and always remember



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