Call of Duty: World at War

I never played the CoD games before 4 (Modern Warfare). I posted a few months ago that I had finished CoD4.  I rented the new one….. Fµ¢<¡Πg Awesome….this game kicks ass.  My partner Katie and I just played it straight through in Co-op mode. It took 10hours.  I managed only one achievement (most are only available in solo game play).  Nikki kinda slipped up when I told her we finished it.  She said “so are you going to be upset that you got it for Christmas, or if you get it for Christmas?”  Then when I called her on it her tone of voice changed when she denied it. Which means she is lying.  So anyway, I LOVE this game.  So far it hasn’t replaced the Rainbow Six: Vegas2 as my absolute favorite, but it is coming in at a close second.  Here at this station we have a newer tv so it has the Composite video inputs so its only 480i, but man even on that it looks great. I cant wait until I have saved enough to get me a nice tv.  It’s a slow and painful process but eventually I my some of my tv’s will die, unfortunately for me it may take forever based on their current track record (2 of them are right at 10 years old).  

Oh remember my AT&T issue?  It is almost resolved. We finally received one of our 3 rebates, and I have been promised the 2nd will arrive on Friday the 19th. The 3rd was reordered CORRECTLY this time and I should have it in 4-6 weeks. Maybe sooner if the rebate gods decide to cut me some slack.

That’s all from my world.


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