If AT&T had legs, I would break them…

First off, I havent had that great of a day, for other reasons I wont mention because I want to stay friends with people, but back to my point… AT&T owes me money… $250 in fact… remember this post… yeah I still love my service it’s awesome, it kicks ass, but I got  $250 rebate for signing up.  That was 10/8.  Thursday I called (the 4th call) the reward center. I was told the $100 check that was issued was returned because they didn’t have my address right. Then I ask about the other 2 rebates… those are supposed to be on a VISA giftcard.  I am told the first was mailed on 11/25. Still no rebates… so Im not sure when I will get them, I am hoping soon, but we will see.  What I dont understand is why they have my address wrong, I get my bill every month so i know they have it on file, and with all the networking these days how do you not have it sent over electronicly????

So every one cross your fingers please, I need that $250.

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