I’m going to pump you up!! (say it with a german accent)

The holidays are approaching fast.  Lots of food, lots of family, lots of gaining weight, and sitting around being lazy (wait I do that part already) but NOT THIS YEAR.  Nikki and I joined Lifetime Fitness.  We did our consultation with the personal trainer yesterday, and have another appointment to take measurements and create an exercise plan later this week.  It has only been 2 weeks and I have already noticed changes. When I stand in front of the mirror, I am finally able to see some definition in my abs again.  I still have the keg but at least now it is covering a 6-pack.  I took a core conditioning class on wed of last week (lets put it this way, I didn’t want to take it but feminine wiles convinced me to do otherwise). This class was very good. I enjoyed the exercises they were not too hard, and at the time I really didn’t have any difficulty keeping up with everyone else in the class.  The problem I am having is keeping up with anything now.  I hurt like no other.  Even today Sunday, 4 days later I can still feel the soreness in my core.  I will definitely be taking this class again.

Some things I am noticing are simple stuff that I didn’t think about.  I sleep better at night; I am not as tired throughout the day as before.  I have been trying to watch what I put into my mouth and in turn have been helping my family eat better. My favorite is that even only 2 weeks in I am able to chase Skyler around and play for a lot longer.   I have found a way to make cardio fun…Racquetball.  I played A LOT of racquetball in college thanks to a few roommates that shared my enjoyment of the sport.  I have played more racquetball in the last 2 weeks than I have since I left college 4 years ago.

Why Lifetime?   We had a membership to Gold’s through Nik’s old job. And I went once. I really don’t know what I’m doing as far as working out goes.  Yeah I know a little about weights and fitness, but I don’t know how to prevent myself from getting hurt, be it by correct posturing etc.  At Gold’s all they had was cardio and weights.  Not my type of place.  At Lifetime they have 4 pools, basketball, climbing, racquetball, squash, both wet and dry sauna’s, and the absolute most important part – the deal breaker if you will- a child care center that Skyler enjoys going to.

Nik and I were talking and neither of us really had to make any effort when we were growing up to get exercise. She got it through tennis and swimming. I got it through band and swimming.  Now that we don’t do those activities everyday we need to make a conscious effort to teach Skyler that taking care of your body is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Other than that nothing much has changed.  We have been spending lots of time together, enjoying being a family, and watching our little baby grow up (more on that later).

That’s all from my world.


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