Skyler, Baseball, and getting paid for doing nothing.

So Skyler has really developed a personality that is all her own, she’s pretty funny too.  She likes throwing the ball for max only she can’t get it away from him so I have to help.  She counted to 10 on her own the other day… yeah she has known how for a while but she usually leaves out 1 and six and stops before she gets to 10. This time she started at 1 and went all the way to 10 without prompting or missing a number.

Work has been good while I have gotten hosed a few of my 24 hr shifts on Tuesday of this week, I got to sleep in arrived to work at 1000hrs worked for 12 and got off at 2200hrs paid for 24, how often does that happen for you?  Yeah that’s what I thought…

My condolences to my friend Bo…  recently on a trip back in Feb/March ’08, that took him through Vegas he made a $10 bet at 200:1 odds for the DevilRays to win the series.  Damn was he close.  Here is the whole story on his blog.

I finished Lego Batman yesterday 100% completion.  I finished before Nikki did (not that it was a race but it was important because she finished the story before I did.)  We finished the Lego Indy story so now it’s a free for all finishing to 100%.   The real contest is when we get Lego StarWars from Dave this weekend.  We decided there would be a race.  The first one to 100% wins… we haven’t decided what the reward is but it should be good.

Something has been on my mind lately: my health; what kind of example am I setting for my daughter. So Nikki and I are looking into joining Lifetime fitness.  We both need to get into shape, me more than her but she thinks she needs it more.  I need LOTS of cardio, and I just generally want to build some muscle, Skyler isn’t getting any smaller.  Nik wants to lose some weight and get back into shape as well.  We were members at Gold’s around the corner through her work for a while but I didn’t find that it had what I was looking for, something other than just machines and free-weights.  Skyler didn’t like the child care and so that meant we had to work out alone which didn’t exactly motivate us. We are starting to get our finances in order so we thought we would give it a try, out of the 7 days we have had our trial membership at lifetime, we have gone to work out for 5 of them, and we are going today after Skyler gets up from her nap… oh yeah and “going to see new friends” as she calls it is great motivation for her to get to sleep.  Just now I told her we would go swimming after her nap and she said “My see you when I wake up?” I said “yup, night night baby I love you”   and off she went into dreamland.  Whereas yesterday her nap was after we went to the gym and we had lots of trouble getting her to go to sleep.  We have to figure out the finances but I think it’s something we can afford especially when we start seeing results.  (Even though its only water weight I have already lost 5 lbs)

I think that’s all from my world.  We look forward to seeing some friend this weekend for a Halloween party. I believe we may even go to the renaissance festival on either Saturday or Sunday, and NO I WILL NOT BE DRESSING UP.

2 thoughts on “Skyler, Baseball, and getting paid for doing nothing.

  1. Bo

    Thanks for the condolences, Rob. I wish that Vegas was like horseshoes or handgrenades.

    On the bright side, aren’t those Lego games the best thing ever?

  2. theencode

    hell yeah they are… I need to suggest the Back to the Future trilogy for the next installment but from what I understand they are taking a break…


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