The hunt was great

Hells Yeah…   all i have to say about that weekend.  Dave, boy do I owe you one.  I had a great excellent time.  Dave and Vicki arrived at our place on Thursday, we all had lunch and then Dave and I left for a very much needed “boys weekend”…  We finally arrived in Concan, TX around 1900 hrs, and couldn’t find anyone.  They were all at the bar already… my kind of club.  We headed up to the bar for drinks and finding the one person Dave knew.  The cabins were beautiful.  all rustic wood on the inside.  kitchen, couch, TV, upstairs were more beds.  the Frio river just outside the front door of the cabin.  we were placed in one group, and Ricky (the only guy Dave knew) decided we should be in his group so we moved from a full cabin to one with only 3 people in it.   Back at the bar  we stayed true to the saying “when in Rome…” you know the one.  I proceeded to take advantage of the open bar and got pretty liquored up.  We talked and met A LOT of the guys there.  the guys made us feel very welcome. introducing themselves etc.  later Dave had to drive back up to the cabin because i was in no condition.

The Next morning we woke up before the sun’s alarm clock had even thought about ringing.  and drove the 30 min to Uvalde, TX.  we met the outfitter at walmart (where else) there in town.  after signing our lives away we headed to a little town called Knippa (just 10 mi east)  and onto smaller roads into a little field with an abandoned house barn and tractor. I wish i had gotten a picture of the house it looked pretty cool being so old and stuff.    The birds began flying … then the oputfitter drove by to remind us that we were not premitted to cross the fence that was about 10ft behind us, and if at all possible to shoot the birds such that they dont land over there either.   Well i think the birds bugged his truck because they flew right along that fence line such that we never even had a chance.  I guess  the fenceline thing didnt reach all of them because dave Limitted out on the first hunt of the day.  After returning to “camp” dave and I spent a little bit checking out the banks of the Frio river… of which i have lots of pictures (pictures to follow). We returned to our hunting site that afternoon so that i could get my limit.  That night they had an amazing fajita dinner waiting for us.  Dave and I drank a little but i slowed down a lot when they ran out of whiskey.  they ran out of my jack the first night so then i moved to crown, then to segrams, and then when that was gone i avoided the wild turkey.

The next morning was nipple glass cutter cold, but we went hunting anyway.  out at the field the birds begin to fly but not even 1/4 as good as the day before.  the field was too big for the 12 hunters on it so the birds just went and sat at the other end and ate.  I got 1, i think i was just in a bad spot because dave got 4.  we returned for a wonderful steak lunch and raffle that from what i understand was much smaller than it had been in recent years.  we returned to the field for our afternoon hunt and it was abismal… 8 birds between 4 hunters and many times we were all unloading on the same bird at the same time.  back at “camp” on sat night nothing scheduled lots of guys packing up and saying goodbye’s  lots of “good to meet you. look forward to seeing you next time”  Dave and I packed everything up but the necessities and hit the sack. the drive home was uneventful other than realizing i havent changed my transmission fluid in probably 80K miles.

Overall it was awesome weekend, dave and i needed a guys getaway type thing.  now we just owe the girls something for watching the kiddo’s the whole time.

the dove were delicious and if you want my opinion here is how to cook them:

you will need: Italian dressing, Natures seasoning, garlic, mushroom, cream cheese, and bacon.

first give the breast an ice water bath to purge the remaining blod from the muscle tissue. second marinate them breasts in italian dressing. followed by a hefty sprinkling of the nature’s seasoning. Take a large grapesized hunk of cream cheese and place half a garlic clove inside. place that inside a slice of a mushroom’s cap, lay that onto the dove breast and wrap the whole thing in bacon. Skewer the bacon with a toothpick to hold it in place and grill until the bacon is medium well.  The leftovers cut up and make a great quesadilla stuffing. (nikki didn’t like the quesadilla)   Enjoy.

Thats about it… lots more has happened and i’ll try to get it up tomorrow.


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