Recent happenings

Here are a few pictures from the convention center when I was there for Ike evacuees. These pics were taken 2 days before the shelter closed so the census was just at 300 and change.  And yes in that one pic it is a bird in the convention center.  The rumor is that the bird was from Galveston. He flew up here with the other evacuees. He has since returned home but we have not heard from him as to the status of his residence after the hurricane.

Overtime is great I love working and when I’m getting paid well to do it just makes it all that much worth while.  so this week was busy.  Got Sunday off. Monday I worked a CAKE shift up at medic 8 while the Tactical guys were in training. (Got a Kudos at work from “Ranger” Dunn for leaving the station cleaner than we found it)   Thanks guys it was the best shift I have worked in a long time.

Tuesday got hammered. Wed I got to spend some quality time with my family.  we went to the park and played with max had a little picnic and played on the playground.   

Thursday I got to see Jeff Dunham in concert. (And got paid to watch – WHOOP!!)My thoughts: he was Humorous not funny but humorous.  I laughed a few time but most of the jokes I had heard already elsewhere, he just presented them in puppet form via Walter an older grumpy faced character, Achmed the dead terrorist a skeleton with a beard that talked with a middle eastern accent, peanut the “I’m not sure but I think he is on crack” puppet, and a talking Mexican jalapeno, His act hasn’t changed in forever, which is obvious because when the encore started with Bubba, the audience was finishing the jokes.  Like I said it was humorous, I laughed but never hysterically.  Had I paid for the tickets I would have been pissed.

Fri, I was at M18 with my old partner Luke.  He and I had a great time not running as many calls as we were used to. I thought 18 was busy but compared to 14 (where I spent the last 8 months) it was nothing. 

Saturday (yesterday) I got my print server working for my computer but only when the firewall is turned off so I need to port the print server through it but I don’t totally know how. I guess I’ll figure it out.   Unfortunately by fixing the print server on sat morning I ruined the rest of the day. We spent most of the day looking for Halloween costumes for Nikki and I.  I’m and the devil and she is an Angel… yeah yeah yeah, “That’s so old its boring”   we added a twist so get off my back.    but because of the print server we didn’t go to the grocery or the Texas Parks and Wildlife expo like I wanted to, or really anything else for that matter.  But again IT IS ALL MY FAULT   See that hunny I admitted it.

Today I’m at medic 3 so far having an ok day.  had a DOS  that was found dead when his girlfriend woke up next to him.  She says he had been relatively clean for 3 years but he had fresh tract marks (and when I say relatively I mean off the iv drugs and such per her only taking Xanax). Which means he was hiding it well.   When we were leaving she was already starting the anger phase she called him an F’ing bastard for leaving her and doing drugs.  I feel for her in a way. They are here on business she knows nobody in town; they just bought a house together.  They have been together for 4 years.  It’s just a crappy situation for her to be in and I’m going to call the guy an asshole for putting her in it. 

This morning got a few great pictures of the capitol from the dock at Brack.  The morning sun hit it just right and really brought out the pinks and reds in the rose quartz (aka Llannite).  



Skyler fell off the chair at my desk and was screaming so Nikki called me and was going to ask me what she should look for and once sky heard my voice she started talking normally she said “I fall off daddy desk. Mama, I fall off daddy desk”   I wish I could get the inflection in writing but it was hilarious, but only from my end.  I guess my voice has magical healing powers.  

This weekend is my 10yr reunion.  Should be fun get to see some people I haven’t seen in 10 yrs. Since High school, I have only seen a select few of my classmates.  Ran into a few at aTm. I was in paramedic school with another guy from my class and neither of us knew it until one day I could see through his uniform shirt and saw the class of ‘98 logo on his under shirt.  Seen a few of the girls I went to school with at a party or two here in Austin back during my freshman or sophomore years.  But I really think that is about it.

And the stop sign pic Nikki was talking about… This stop sign had simply been blown around backwards. it is on the passenger side of the vehicle just in front of us, so I didn’t take it from the back or the opposite side of the rd. 

That’s all from my end


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