Let’s contradict ourselves and make a very stupid policy.

So a few years ago I placed a “fraud alert” on my credit file at the 3 major credit reporting agencies because of some car loan that I was denied for that I never applied for. A fraud alert means, when i apply for something that requires a company to review my credit history the credit company calls me to ask my permission to release it to the requesting company.

Yesterday I tried to temporarily remove that because I’m trying to do something online and it keeps denying me because of it.  So i called equifax.  these credit companies always say “protect your credit”  “dont give out your social secutiry number” etc etc etc.  then they made the policy for removing this fraud alert as follows: “all requests must be made in writing and mailed to our office at: blah blah blah. ”  in the letter to write i must include my name, birthdate, SSN, address, and phone number. doesnt that seems a little weird?  the credit company wants you to send your SSN through the mail… and through so many hands of people who could potentially gain access to my “private information”.   when i brought this policy up to the guy on the phone he said there was no way around it, and assured me they get all of their mail.  “u get all of your mail?” how do you know? how do they know they are getting 100% of the mail they are sent, they are gettign 100% of what they recieve but i would be interested in finding out just how much mail is sent to them vs. how much actually gets there.

just another unusual observation.

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