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So my pc is OOS (out of service)- repair until I have enough money to buy a new Hard Disk. All of the ones I have had are 5+ yrs old so they keep crashing on me. I have a lot of things on my mind at the moment… Skyler, Computers, Obama, Hurricanes/evacuees, old friends, and HUNTING – WHOOP, etc.

First, Skyler turned 2 last Sat. She has already been acting 2 for almost a year now but it’s getting worse. She LOVES Monsters Inc. We have watched it over and over and over repeatedly for the last 2 weeks. She kept telling herself “Happy Birthday” for the 2-3 days before her birthday. Grandma and Grandpa got her a kick ass Kitchen. She likes using the microwave. She puts the “food” in and says, “Dada, I make hot” So cute. She is getting so big and growing up so much I can’t believe it. She has been getting better at potty training herself. We were having trouble getting her to use the potty (hers or ours) because she knew she was not supposed to potty without her diaper on. So we would set her on the potty and she wouldn’t go. So we decided to leave the diaper off and let her run around without any bottoms on. She took to the potty like white on rice… She finally decided she wanted her potty in the bathroom just like mommy and daddy’s potty so now she will be playing and say momma I go potty, then she walks to the “guest bathroom” and closes the door sits on the potty, goes, gets up comes out and says “momma, I go potty” with the proudest look on her face. The funny part is she has to have the door closed we can be in the bathroom with her but she won’t go unless the door is closed.

Next, Computers… I pretty much summed it up above, but I have lost 3 HDD in the last 3 months because of failures due to old age. To top it off it just happens to be right at the time when I can’t afford a new one. I will get it set up just so, I am finally happy with it and a few days later it crashes… so if anyone is thinking about a Christmas gift for me (1Tb drives are 159.99 at Fry’s). We still have a laptop at the house. But it keeps dying slower and slower and I really want to wipe it and start over but I want to have another place to store everything on the HDD. Its relatively useless as a laptop… the usb ports don’t work, the battery is shot. It won’t stay connected to our wireless network at the house. It has a “docking base” that has the cd burner and usb ports on it but it power cord doesn’t work so well on it. So if you just want to surf the net the wireless has to be on or it has to be hardwired while still plugged into the outlet, but if you want to connect anything to it (like a usb mouse) you have to use the docking base with the working usb ports. And to top it all off its about 5+ yrs old so it’s HDD could go out anytime now too. I think it’s just haunted.

Next, OBAMA, I’m not a political person in any respect. I find it totally uninteresting, however I try to pay attention to just enough. I had missed something that he feels strongly about, Gun Control. According to my dad, and again politics aren’t my thing so I haven’t even looked this up, If elected, Obama plans to at the very least attempt to ban ALL guns in the US with the exception of Law enforcement. ALL guns???? That means hunting, sport shooting, self defense, etc. are all gone. I can’t believe this, I am just baffled by the idea. I don’t know the exact wording but isn’t that protected by the second amendment???? See the Wikipedia definitions of “the right to keep and bear arms”. I know that hunting was not necessarily in the front of everyone’s mind when that was written but shouldn’t that fall under the 9th amendment

Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution Provides for unenumerated rights, including implicitly a right to keep and bear arms and a right to have arms for defense, hunting, sport, etc..

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

So anyway, now I have one more reason to vote republican. That, and I wouldn’t mind having Palin in the spotlight for a while she is pretty “easy on the eyes” as my grandpa would say.

So Hurricanes… Edouard, Gustav, Hanna, and now Ike. These things are starting to get on my nerves. Edouard was just a little rain and some wind here and there. I was in Darby Hill, Tx for the duration of that storm watching the waves on the lake. Nikki got pictures of 2 tornados out over the water on the lake. Gustav got everybody up in arms and evacuated from EVERYWHERE between here and the Big Easy. We received some big number of people on a big C-130 at ABIA. They were all taken to the Hospitals Downtown until they were full to capacity. Unfortunately that also means that the normal 911 pts have longer wait times in the ER and extended times holding in the ER waiting to be admitted. Oh and it didn’t help that the Nike Human Race was the same day. Yeah 13,000 runners running through downtown in August, at 1800 hrs. I understand Nike’s position – we want all these people running at the same time across the globe, but really??? Texas in August at 6pm??? Not a smart idea. So in addition to the hundreds of evacuees we also had 13000 runners from across the country coming to Austin, not to mention their families that they might have brought with them. So now on to Hurricane Ike. Track it here. For Gustav all the evacuees who were bused in went to the convention center. My station was not anywhere near the convention center. But this time (and I can’t fault them for this because it makes total sense) they put the “reception area” ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY STATION – Tomorrow night is going to be miserable. They are receiving ALL the busses from Houston, Galveston, and those areas triaging all the people, making sure those with potentially acute medical issues get routed to the most appropriate facilities. And of course all the vacation spots are already taken so I can’t get out of working tomorrow. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

On to old friends – see I told you this would be long. My 10yr HS reunion is coming up in October. I have mixed feelings, part of me is kind of excited, the other part thinks “Am I proud of my life since I left high school?” My answer to that is yes and no. I am Very proud that I have a gorgeous wife who is somehow able to fill my every need, who has been there for me “for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health” through the good times and the bad times. She and I are also very proud of the life we brought into this world 2 years ago. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on, and I couldn’t be prouder of the things she has learned and the steps she has taken toward growing up. I have the only 2 year old I have ever seen that knows how to play Xbox and yes she is able to play. She enjoys Burnout she is not very good yet but she is only 2 and understands the concept of pull this trigger to make the car go and move this joystick to make the car turn (she does have problems doing both at the same time, but that is just a technicality). I am proud of what I do for a living even though its hard work in poor and dangerous conditions with low pay sometimes. It is still what I enjoy doing, I am proud that I help people when they need it most… (or in some cases when others think they need it most but turns out they are just sleeping on a bus stop) and I feel it helps to make me a better person. I feel all of these things help to make me a better person. However, there is still the side of me that says no. I am not proud that I left college without graduating. I feel that I have wasted all that money that, in hindsight, could have been used more productively. While I learned a lot in college, and I met so many influential people (especially my wife), I feel that maybe I didn’t do as well as I could/should have. I see the profiles on Facebook of classmates of mine and how some of them seem to have done so many things some have 3 excellent universities that they have degrees from or like this for example:

Grad School:Air Force Institute of Technology ’06 – M.S. Systems Engineering, Operations Research, Reliability Engineering

College:Texas Tech University ’04 – Industrial Engineering, Mathematics

Employer:United States Air Force

Position:Aircraft Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Description:Developed computer models of foreign Integrated Air Defense Systems for the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Look at that description, I don’t think I even know what that means. Now granted he probably can’t do drug math on the fly at 70mph going down the highway because his pt just crashed. But how much more complex is his job??? And guess what?? I am older than him. I can’t remember if its by 1 or 2 years but he has had less time to do all that? If you simplify my job to its nuts and bolts, I drive people to the hospital and sometimes I go really fast. There are people in my graduating class that are on their way to being doctors and actually at this point in school I believe they are doctors. Please don’t get me wrong. I am happy with my life, my family, and my job. I just wish I had finished something along the way. Even if I had a bachelors I can still be a paramedic, and honestly I probably still would, graduated or not I just wish I could say I finished something. Other people have asked me, “Why don’t you go to nursing school and become a nurse?” My answer is “Because that doesn’t interest me.” Nurses, again nuts and bolts, follow directions, while the doctor makes the decisions. As for me, I have a doctor that says this is what you are allowed to do, now you go out and figure out what it is that needs to be done. I’m sorry I’m rambling. One of my biggest worries is that my “group” won’t be there. Yeah I know that I will know most everybody there, but are my close friends going to show up? Because I was not in the “popular” crowd. I think this whole reunion thing has really gotten me thinking about not just people from high school but other friends since then. I know on of my ex-girlfriends is a lawyer just graduated law school – way to go Sara. One of my old roommates is a doctor. I run into one of my other roommates here in Austin, he is an officer here. I know about some of my fraternity brothers but not all. This whole thing just makes me wonder what it is that everybody else is doing. Are they happy where they are? Are they out doing better than I am? (Because we ALL know my financial situation is far from ideal). I keep telling myself “One day I will be able to look back at this and say yeah I remember when…” but the older I get the more I wonder if that day will ever come or if I am stuck here like a hamster in a wheel, the money goes in, the money goes right back out, never actually getting enough to start collecting it.

On a lighter note (yeah I can’t end on that). Dave and I are going hunting and I couldn’t be more excited. I was told today that I was not going to be able to get off on the one day I wanted because I was not taking him with me. Too bad Jim. I’m going anyway.

Ok I just realized I have now typed 3 full pages in word and am starting the 4th so I am going to stop boring everyone. Of course if you are reading everything so far I would be surprised if you haven’t fallen asleep at some point in the middle. Again please don’t misunderstand me I am proud of who I am, I am proud of my wife, my daughter, and my job. I just regret not graduating college and having something to show for that 5 years and countless dollars spent.

To all my friends from HS – I’ll see you Oct 11th.

To Nikki – I love you with all of my heart now more than ever

To Skyler – I can’t begin to tell you how proud you make me. And how Proud I am to be your daddy.

To Work – Yes, I will be there tomorrow.

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