sleep is for the weak

as you may or may not be able to see… its 3am and i am up typing this because once again I cant sleep.  Iam getting ready to ask the doc for some ambien or something.  I can sleep fine during the day but when it comes to going to bed at a normal time, it appears im having a little trouble.  dont get me wrong, Im tired. i just cant get to sleep i get bored just laying in bed, so i start watching tv. and before i know it, its 3 am.  this time i decided to get up and do something.  so i am researching about smartphones, exchange servers, and email.  believe it or not, i am losing out on so much overtime because i just cant be checking my email every second of every day.  so the people that can afford the blackberries and whatnot win out.  I have a kick ass phone. its a treo 680.  but i dont know if it is capable of the whole push email vs. exchange mail stuff or not.  that is what im trying to find out…. im pretty sure the centro is but as i said my phone already kicks ass. i dont want to have to get a new one, and i dont like the blackberries because they dont have a touch screen and the programs i use for work are not accessable for it either.  the newest palm the 800w looks like it has what i need but its only for sprint for the first year because of a bunch of contracts and stuff.  the centro in out finally for at&t but the keyboard is pretty small and i already fat finger mine as it is.  so i guess in the mean time i will be sitting in front of my computer. at 315 am  looking for overtime… because i apparently dont have anything better to do.

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