A hunting we will go…

So my buddy Dave, has offered to take me dove hunting in October.  I cant tell you how excited I am.  First of all I havent been hunting since 2002. Second I have only been Hunting 3 times in my life, but I LOVE it. So its a long story as to how I got to go but none the less I am ready.  I have been looking at shotguns and as much as i like the prestige of names like Benelli or a Browning, i cant afford it.  What I can/may be able to afford soon is something like a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500.  I have decided that I will be starting a collection plate for my shotgun.  It will be sitting on my bar, I will be placing any extra money I have in it, and we will see what magically appears in the coming weeks. I’m looking for between $175 and $250.

Disclaimer: I am not expecting any to place any money in said collection plate save for myself. However if you feel so compelled to “use” your own hard earned cash on something as asinine as buying me a shotgun then I shall feel so compelled to take it from you because I am opportunistic like that.

Now that that is out fo the way, I won an item on ebay for the first time in forever.  It cost me $0.99 +$11.00 shipping, but I would have paid more than that from any store I would have gotten them at. Ill take pics later once i recieve them. 

For my above mentioned hunting trip i am looking for a special piece of tactical gear and if any of you know where to find one cheap, please let me know.  I am looking for a MOLLE compatible thigh rig platform.  I know it sounds like a lot.  What is it you might ask?  You know how cops sometimes have their holsters or tasers on their thighs instead of their belt?   well that is call a leg drop holster.  I want a platform that I can put a leg drop holster onto… but not so that I can put a holster on it.  I plan on finding a pocket  and mounting it there for either shells or birds (dead ones of course).  So if anyone knows where to find one for under $60  (because thats what I have been finding) please let me know.


thats it from my world.  


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