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Ok so Nikki is going to kill me but I love this fricking phone. It does so much. I am still debating gon whether or not to jailbreak it. I would like some of the themes I have seen, but have heard that sometimes the push notifications get disabled or other things go haywire. So I’m kinda afraid to do it for fear of screwing up my phone. I’m going to do some more research then decide.

The changes are here.

The address(URL) has changed. I now own  GoDaddy had a pretty good sale  so I got it. Thanks to google apps I also now have a new email address.   So those are the changes that were coming. Everything is finally in place. will the old URL still work you might ask. yes it will but it will redirect you to the new one causing it to take a little longer to load so you may as well update you bookmarks.   anyway thats what I have for now.



So as usual it’s been a while. I’m thinking it’ll be a little easier now that I can blog from my iPhone.  A couple things recently; Skyler is getting bigger (as usual) and she is getting smarter. I can’t imagine what she will be like when she is all grown up. She is a great little girl I missed her so much the last few weeks. Continue reading

Changes are coming

ok so there are some changes coming soon. The url will be changing soon, and once I get my iPhone I’ll be able to update a lot better, no more waiting to get home and what not.  The address change will be about 2 weeks or so we will see I’m working on getting everything squared away. The new address? What is it going to be you ask??? well thats easy:

ok remember that its not too hard. What you cant remember that? Well how about I make it a little easier.

simple enough???
ok look for it soon.

testing testing 123

testing testing 1 2 3… I have finally join the rest of the world in the digital age and have gotten a data plan for my phone. its amazing what you can do just with text messaging, but this will make blogging and some other things SO much easier. well its 0030 and I have to up early for my lights duty assignment tomorrow. goodnight