Monthly Archives: January 2009


I put up a new page.  Its about my VERY small pipe collection.  Its growing I only have 5 right now. I’m going to get more, dont worry.  I am even going to make one.  Yep you heard right, I’m going to make one. I just need a lathe.  So anyway check out the pipe page (there is a link to the right)  its only got 3 of the 5 on it but I’ll put the other 2 up this week.  Oh and if anyone has any large blocks(3″x5″x5″) of a really nice wood that you dont mind parting with let me know.


TDH’s Master Stocking list

Texas Dept of Health (TDH) is the “governing body” that mandates what must be carried on a vehicle for it be certified as an “ambulance”.  They started to do random checks today. so Katie and I went out to thetruck and check and counted EVERYTHING.  This truck wasn’t bad considering it is usually a reserve truck.  in the end we were short 1 60cc toomey syringe and 3 acetone wipes.  not too bad… then of course nobody showed up to inspect our truck.

I finally got my bar power supply ready. So neighbors, get ready. here comes the tunes. I love sitting out on the patio listening to music in the hammock. it may be too cold tomorrow but im going to go out there anyway.

and now i am going to my bedroom because katie watching american idol and its a 2 hr show tonight.  hopefully they will leave us alone tonight and let me sleep without those cursed pagers going off.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc. etc. etc.

I know its been a while but i have been busy.  a few things have happened…

1st – Merry Christmas to everyone… hope yours was as good as mine. I enjoyed spending time with family and such.

2nd – Happy New Year,  Nikki and I decided to be boring and we sat at home and played xbox until about 1210, had some champagne, and then went to sleep. Continue reading