Monthly Archives: December 2008

According to Skyler

I am starting a new “segment” called according to Skyler. Since she is talking, A LOT, she informs us as to how things really are.

The alphabet

thats right folks we lost a good portion of the back half, and have added numbers, mom im not sure how this messes up the dewey decimal system but im sure you can figure it out.



So I started playing with this thing called twitter. I can text msg a number and it tells all of my friends my “status”. Its pretty cool. The only problem is that I dont know anyone using it. Well I know 2, but still I’m sure I know people using it but I dont know who they are.
Ok I’m going to go play “Batman and Cow” (where “Batman” is actually Robin) with my little girl.

Holy crap its cold

Ok i stated in an earlier post that it was getting cold outside…. Holy crap did I underestimate. I just ran on a traffic injury, 36 degrees Windy and raining. THAT was COLD. I hear tomorrow is supposed to be colder like in the 20′s. so everyone drive safely it should be icy out there tomorrow.

If AT&T had legs, I would break them…

First off, I havent had that great of a day, for other reasons I wont mention because I want to stay friends with people, but back to my point… AT&T owes me money… $250 in fact… remember this post… yeah I still love my service it’s awesome, it kicks ass, but I got  $250 rebate for signing up.  That was 10/8.  Thursday I called (the 4th call) the reward center. I was told the $100 check that was issued was returned because they didn’t have my address right. Then I ask about the other 2 rebates… those are supposed to be on a VISA giftcard.  I am told the first was mailed on 11/25. Still no rebates… so Im not sure when I will get them, I am hoping soon, but we will see.  What I dont understand is why they have my address wrong, I get my bill every month so i know they have it on file, and with all the networking these days how do you not have it sent over electronicly????

So every one cross your fingers please, I need that $250.