Monthly Archives: November 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Hey everybody… Happy Thanksgiving…

Hope everyone is ready for shopping tomorrow… I know we are.    Chris and I are hitting a few stores for the girls and Nikki and Lisa are hitting some as well. Then off to the toy stores for Skyler’s Christmas presents.

The only thing I missed about today is not having a fried turkey, this year we just didn’t have enough time or room to make it but next year I’ll be sure to make the best one yet.

So to everyone that reads this that I haven’t spoken to today (Yes Bo that means you)… Happy Thanksgiving

I’m going to pump you up!! (say it with a german accent)

The holidays are approaching fast.  Lots of food, lots of family, lots of gaining weight, and sitting around being lazy (wait I do that part already) but NOT THIS YEAR.  Nikki and I joined Lifetime Fitness.  We did our consultation with the personal trainer yesterday, and have another appointment to take measurements and create an exercise plan later this week.  It has only been 2 weeks and I have already noticed changes. Continue reading