Monthly Archives: October 2008

Skyler, Baseball, and getting paid for doing nothing.

So Skyler has really developed a personality that is all her own, she’s pretty funny too.  She likes throwing the ball for max only she can’t get it away from him so I have to help.  She counted to 10 on her own the other day… yeah she has known how for a while but she usually leaves out 1 and six and stops before she gets to 10. This time she started at 1 and went all the way to 10 without prompting or missing a number. Continue reading

Recent happenings

Here are a few pictures from the convention center when I was there for Ike evacuees. These pics were taken 2 days before the shelter closed so the census was just at 300 and change.  And yes in that one pic it is a bird in the convention center.  The rumor is that the bird was from Galveston. He flew up here with the other evacuees. He has since returned home but we have not heard from him as to the status of his residence after the hurricane. Continue reading

New internet access

So we told Time warner to go shove it, and picked up AT&T U-Verse    one word…. AWESOME.   I love it already and it just got installed today.  thats just one thing for this week. 

I worked my ass off on tuesday i got put on a 12 hours truck (its 12 hours because it too busy to work for 24) and i worked for 24 (not without lots of complaining mind you) we ran 18 calls i think before midnight.

Nikki was kind enough to let me sleep in a little a lot wed morning.