Monthly Archives: July 2008

Busy busy busy…

OK well we have been busy in our household.  To start off, Nikki has been sick for a while now unfortunately.  We finally have a Dr. that has told us what it is not.  It is not any form of a cancer.  this is a good thing.  However it MAY be a disease called Lupus.  more on that later.

Skyler is now talking back. in the last month she has become so vocal, she carries on conversations, asks for certain thingswith a please and usually a thank you. 

I have beaten a bunch of 360 games so far.  I beat CoD4 today, I am almost doen with assassins creed.  i have beaten vegas and vegas 2.  now i just need to get some driving games so i can whip them into shape.  I applied for a game tester position but turns out 4 days a week isn’t enough.

We shaved Max.  he still has tons of hair but its more manageable now.

Sorry this is so short but I’ll have more time this weekend.



XBOX 360


Guess who got their Xbox 360.   Turns out all my PS2 and PS1 and Gamecube stuff along with old games and etc got me about $200,  I had an old Ipod that I sold and got just over $100 for.  so guess who got his Xbox.  Needless to say that since I am at work I am jonesing to play it.  I got to play for a while last night on live and I cant wait until tomorrow when I am at M27 to blow up some baddies.  or maybe ill play one of my favorite games Assasins Creed.  Its single player.


got a call gotta run. c ya

I got stimulated today.

Boy did I need that 900 dollars. things are going to get paid  like the electric bill and the cable bill.  and maybe just maybe i might be able to finally get my xbox… but for that there are stipulations… example sell the ipod that we dont use.  trade in all the old systems, games, controllers, etc.  and IF just IF we have enough left i can get it…  turns out to be around $150 bucks that I need to come up with.   thats a hell of a lot closer than I was last week.   Come on E3 price drop.

long time no see but here comes E3

Well alot has gone on since the 20th of june.  (that was my last post)   My best friend and my sister-in-law got married (yes to each other) so now my best friend is my brother-in-law.   I have been sick twice, Skylerhas been sick, Nikki has been having migraines, and been sick on top of that.  so now that that is out of the way.  Not much has happened. I thought I was close to my xbox but then forgot that rent was due…oops.  so now I am just waiting longer.  

There is, however, good news (and no I did not just save a bunch of money by switching to GEICO) 

E3 starts in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So microsoft has a few rumors floating around. 

1. $50 price drop on the pro system making it now $299.99

2. 60 Gb hdd in the pro system. 

3.  Something called Lips.

and a few others. 

So monday – we await your arrival.