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Fun with water…

Today we spent some time at Dick Nichols park near the house. Someone who will remain nameless found a Dolphin who was shooting water out of his nose. This video is a brief example of what transpired shortly thereafter…

Fountain 2
Fountain 3

decisions made easy…

Read This Post prior to continuing. yes I’ll Wait

… you done

ok so the particular earpiece I am looking for is like 125 bucks. which I dont have or want to spend. I talked this week to someone who has one. in particular, I was looking for the quick disconnect feature. and turns out THAT FEATURE SUCKS. so instead i will be purchasing one off of ebay for $25 with $6 shipping… hell of a lot better than 125 huh

I will be getting it next week.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say

Last night my partner and I ran a RESPIRATORY Priority 2 on an 8mo old. that is not the odd part. the odd part it what was written in our call text. now keep in mind this is not the call-takers fault because they just type what they are told. our call text read. “Baby is breathing but unable to speak between breaths” since when does an 8mo old actually speak. they cry and boy do they but unable to speak between breaths??????

This is not the first time for this either. I remember reading another call text a few weeks ago that said “child refuses to talk” Really? he is 9mo old. how do you know he is refusing to talk. maybe he doesn’t know you are wanting him to. I remember times when skyler was that age that I didn’t want her to talk because if she was talking she was not sleeping or doing whatever she was supposed to be.

some people need to just stop being so stupid. If you mean baby is not crying then say to the person on the end of the line my baby is not crying. if she is having trouble breathing say she looks like she is having trouble breathing. dont tell them your baby is having trouble breathing between breathes (another one i have read before)

Speaking of being stupid, We had a pt fri night who states (probably not the case but states…)

“I found this blue pill on the ground with a woman on it and so i took it.”

“Why would you do that”

“I dont know. I wanted to know what it did” In the call text she had complained that her head was spinning…

“So was your head spinning”

“Yeah really bad”

“Spinning all the way around”


“You mean like in the exorcist? because if thats that case we have bigger problems than you taking some pill”

No offense.

If I were to sit down and try to come up with a bumper sticker that would offend as many people as possible with as few words as possible I would not have been able to come up with this and  I will see if I can get a picture of it tonight:

“Nuke Unborn Gay Baby Whales for Jesus”

My partner and I almost lost it. I just about ran  $200,000 piece of equipment off the road.  Of course it was 3AM.

decisions, decisions

ok everyone knows I want an Xbox 360.  that obvious. but There is something I am wanting for work, that I think would help me out quite a bit… here is the deal.  Because of my ADD I have trouble filtering out background noise most of the time.  So when the radio is on and I am trying to listen even the slightest background confuses me and I cant listen to what I am trying to listen to.  At the Gaylord Hotel and Resort we used consealed earpieces like the secret service uses for example.  I never had trouble hearing my radio.  Here I cant hear a damn thing.  So this is what I want. So now I am trying to decide do I get this to help me out at work not 100% necessary but would be extremely beneficial.  The xbox is not necessary at all however it can provide thousands of hours of entertainment and stress relief not only for me but also for the family.  So with you comments I would like you to vote.   Xbox or headset???

A picture is worth a thousand words

Well we are well on our way to earning a damn nice picture. Our little baby girl is growing up so fast. this week she learned a new word (she already knows like 100) but this one for some reason is very important to me Octopus.  only she cant say it right and its the cutest thing.  like many kids she tries but some words just dont come out right and that makes them even cuter. In this case  its pronounced      Op-a-tus. 

Today she started the question asking phase. “Mama, What hoppen?”   again just the cutest thing I have ever seen.

sleep, glorious sleep.

I think I picked the right occupation.  Yeah, parts of it suck – getting up in the middle of the night and having to immediately be on your toes. low pay and long hours. but there are other times that make it all worth it.  like today for example, I got to work around 0530  we did shift change, my partner and I checked out the truck. I then went to bed at about 0645.  our tones dropped at 0810 for a post assignment. (we go and sit somewhere is a different district because those trucks are busy). they keps us posted for around an hour. so we get back around 0930-0945. I rwent right back to bed and I got to sleep until 1330.   AHHHH  i love my job. I am going to go play a little Socom now that i have caught up on my sleep.   and I think I have a movie waiting for me.


One more thing – the best part about this– its all overtime all day long.