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Check that one off the list.


Everyone has a list of things they want to do or see before they kick the bucket. No, this wasn’t inspired by the recent movie with the excellent Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. While my list consists of things like: go to Alaska, see the grand canyon, dive the great barrier reef, swim in a huge ass aquarium, see Metallica in concert, be in a movie, and make enough money to not have to worry about it (not likely on my salary). I listened to a lot of “The Highway Men” in college and I had always wanted to see Merle Haggard in concert, it was on my list. He died of complications from diabetes on Feb 13, 2002. So that Item was removed from my list prematurely.

Within the next year or two Willie Nelson was in concert near me, I wasn’t working, and I had the money for the tickets, but for some reason I didn’t go. Afterwards I thought “Man, what happens if he dies too before I get to see him?” so I vowed not to let that happen. Seeing Willie Nelson in concert was moved right to the top of my bucket list.

Well folks, tonight I scratched off the top item on my list. Yep, I just got home from seeing Mr. Mary Jane himself in concert. AWESOME. While I have to admit this may not have been one of his better shows, it was a show none the less. Songs on the playlist for tonight included Georgia, good hearted woman, If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time, Me And Bobby McGee, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain, Crazy, and others. I was a little disappointed that Whiskey River and On the Road Again were not played. I was happy to hear 2 newer songs both funny and witty. All in all, a good performance by Mr. Nelson, and I am glad I was there to see it.

Now onto the Great Barrier Reef, or maybe the movie thing….

More new Headers

ok more on this header thing. Like I said I learn more with PS (photoshop) every time I use it. So I have a bunch more, and I think I will have on general one, and i have about 20 to change to as I see fit. As I got a little more creative, I started thinking about the adult swim commercials. so that is where the influence came from for a few of them.

some examples:


New header

ok i know this blog has only been up for a few days but im ready for a new header (picture at the top)

here are a few leave comments as to which you like

1: Number 1

2:Header 2

3: Number 3

4: Number 4

Yes i know they are all very similar, and yes i will probably change them around again when i have more time to play with Photoshop. I love Photoshop. I learn something new every time I use it so let me know what you think or if you have any ideas email them to me.

A little about me. part 2

 I started Paramedic school the Fall of 2003. It was 13 month program, but that doesn’t count the year I took off in the middle so that we could get married and enjoy our first year together.  I began Working at an Emergency Room in downtown Ft. Worth while I was in school. Man do I have some stories from there. I worked there for 3 years.  My Grandmother passed away 3 weeks before we were to get hitched.  That unfortunately gave me a reason to buy a suit to wear on our cruise.  We enjoyed our first year. We were living in Grapevine, TX. On a side note AWESOME place to live. The historic downtown was quaint and close by good restaurants.  Esparza’s go there is you get the chance. I don’t know what street it’s on but ask anyone from there they can tell you.


So after I finished Medic school and simultaneously got my lovely wife pregnant (no she was no accident), I began job hunting. I was reluctant to move out of the DFW metroplex but I don’t think I was going to be happy working as a medic up there.  So in my asking around some FF from some department in the area said “have you looked at Austin, I hear they are hiring.”  I got on the web and applied almost the same day.   Sure enough they would wait until we are in the delivery room at the hospital to call and offer me the job. The conversation went like this:

Michelle: Hi Rob, this is Michelle calling from Austin Travis County EMS.

Me: Oh hi.

Michelle: Is this a good time for you?

Me: Not really, Why?

Michelle: Well is there a better time I can call back.

Me: No not for a while. Can this be quick?

Michelle: well I guess so, I was calling about your application. It has been through all of the review and approval processes and we would like to offer you a paramedic position with us.

Me (delirious at this point): I’ll take it, but can I call you back? I’m in the delivery room with my wife, and she is about to start pushing.

Michelle (very confused): oh… oh, OOOHHHHH, Congratulations, you are having a baby today?

Me: well I’m not. My wife is.

Michelle: Ok well you got the job. Call us back after things settle down.

The rest of the conversation is trivial and I really don’t remember much of it. Oh the important stuff:

Skyler Kaitlyn

Born: Sept 6, 2006

Weight: 8 lbs 2.4 oz

Length: 20 inches


We moved to Austin in October when I began work. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed quitting my job at the ER. While the excitement was high the morale was low and it eventually became a chore to go to work.  I am still working for ATCEMS. I work night on the weekends for the last year and will until October.  Well as I mentioned before, we are looking to move and that the latest from our side of the world.

            To those of you who read about my life story and have gotten this far I owe you a beer. If you began to read and didn’t get this far, wait what am I saying you stopped reading at “I grew up in…”  Well thanks for listening. This blog is a test for me. I would like to keep up with it, and I am promising myself I will because this is something I have been wanting to do and finally ran out of excuses.  So good luck to me and thanks to you.


A little about me

So for those of you that don’t know me that well, all 2 of you. I’m 28, married to a beautiful, model material brunette. We have a 1.5 year old Drama Queen. She is cuter than anything out there… and she knows it too. We live in Buda, TX right now but are looking for an apt in south austin to save some money. I am a paramedic for the City of Austin. I will be sharing shift stories on here when they come up.

I grew up in Arlington, TX. I think I had a reasonably good childhood, yeah everyone can complain about something but i have to say I think my parents did a pretty good job raising the hellions that were/are my brother and I. Hell, if they had changed one thing I might not be the person I am today. It’s a crapshoot so I think I will keep things just the way they are. I just hope I can be as good of a father to Skyler as my father was to me. Yeah I probably don’t say it enough but my parents did a pretty good job with what we had and I love em for it.

I grediated gradiated greduated finished high school in 1998, and started college at Texas A&M shortly thereafter. I spent the first 3 years pretending to design things that looked cool and drinking heavily. Then I changed my major to something that suits me better, Outdoor Education… oh wait, no, I forgot my GPA wasn’t high enough so I ended up being the only Junior and eventually Senior in general studies. I changed it again when I couldn’t get in and was told to shit or get off the pot.

Nikki and I began dating fall of my Junior year. I owe who I am today, in part, to her. See I got my EMT cert the summer of 2000 (the summer after Aggie Bonfire fell and killed 12 of my aggie brothers and sisters. It wasn’t until 2003 when Nikki said to me “If you like doing that stuff so much why don’t you become a paramedic and make some money doing it?” So I did.

Our new home (almost)

Because our plans for the future include vacations, big expensive toys (for me), and nice lavish clothes (for her), we are going to need some money, greenbacks, cash, dinero, clams, you get the idea. Since the lottery hasn’t worked out so far we are going to try getting that money the old fashioned way; putting it in the bank. So we have developed a plan.

Our plans for becoming rich:

1: Move out of this house and into a smaller apt.

2: Take the money we save and NOT spend it.

3: Watch the savings add up until we have so much we don’t know what to do with it all.

4: Swim in a sea of $100 bills.

yeah that last part is just for kicks it was not born out of necessity.

So the apt hunt began.  I have looked at some nice places and some not so nice places. Can you believe the rates they get away with charging people these days. I saw a 2/2 apartment 1600-ish sq. ft. for almost $2000/month. Who can’t buy a house with that kind of money.

I think we finally settled on the right complex and turns out there was an add on CL for one with a garage in our price range in that complex. So we will see how soon we could get into it.

More on our search later…

Hello world!

Alright. yeah I have been thinking about starting a blog for reasons I am unsure of. I guess this could be a place for me to let people know whats going on in my life and those of the people closest to me. I was reading my friends blog tonight and guess i wanted to start my own. so here we are. I will try to make this as interesting a read as possible but I am not known for being exciting, so i apologize in advance.

What am I going to put in this blog you ask. well I figure family stuff, Work stuff, baby stuff (well, kid stuff i guess she is not much of a baby anymore), things I find funny, and the like.

The Family