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decisions made easy…

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ok so the particular earpiece I am looking for is like 125 bucks. which I dont have or want to spend. I talked this week to someone who has one. in particular, I was looking for the quick disconnect feature. and turns out THAT FEATURE SUCKS. so instead i will be purchasing one off of ebay for $25 with $6 shipping… hell of a lot better than 125 huh

I will be getting it next week.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say

Last night my partner and I ran a RESPIRATORY Priority 2 on an 8mo old. that is not the odd part. the odd part it what was written in our call text. now keep in mind this is not the call-takers fault because they just type what they are told. our call text read. “Baby is breathing but unable to speak between breaths” since when does an 8mo old actually speak. they cry and boy do they but unable to speak between breaths??????

This is not the first time for this either. I remember reading another call text a few weeks ago that said “child refuses to talk” Really? he is 9mo old. how do you know he is refusing to talk. maybe he doesn’t know you are wanting him to. I remember times when skyler was that age that I didn’t want her to talk because if she was talking she was not sleeping or doing whatever she was supposed to be.

some people need to just stop being so stupid. If you mean baby is not crying then say to the person on the end of the line my baby is not crying. if she is having trouble breathing say she looks like she is having trouble breathing. dont tell them your baby is having trouble breathing between breathes (another one i have read before)

Speaking of being stupid, We had a pt fri night who states (probably not the case but states…)

“I found this blue pill on the ground with a woman on it and so i took it.”

“Why would you do that”

“I dont know. I wanted to know what it did” In the call text she had complained that her head was spinning…

“So was your head spinning”

“Yeah really bad”

“Spinning all the way around”


“You mean like in the exorcist? because if thats that case we have bigger problems than you taking some pill”

decisions, decisions

ok everyone knows I want an Xbox 360.  that obvious. but There is something I am wanting for work, that I think would help me out quite a bit… here is the deal.  Because of my ADD I have trouble filtering out background noise most of the time.  So when the radio is on and I am trying to listen even the slightest background confuses me and I cant listen to what I am trying to listen to.  At the Gaylord Hotel and Resort we used consealed earpieces like the secret service uses for example.  I never had trouble hearing my radio.  Here I cant hear a damn thing.  So this is what I want. So now I am trying to decide do I get this to help me out at work not 100% necessary but would be extremely beneficial.  The xbox is not necessary at all however it can provide thousands of hours of entertainment and stress relief not only for me but also for the family.  So with you comments I would like you to vote.   Xbox or headset???

Finally Its over!!! almost

We Finally finished moving!   I still have the grill and my bike and some other stuff at the old place but I will go get it tomorrow.  Unpacking is coming along nicely, I havent done as much as I should have in the last few days but I am just SO tired of packing and unpacking that I needed even the smallest break from it. 

Good news I am finally getting an XBOX 360. Nikki is getting me one for my birthday. I am extremely excited.  there are 3 games I am really looking forward to.  1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare  (I have dave’s copy for now) 2. Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2 (My old partner Ray and I played all but the last level of the first game in one Shift)  3. Army of Two (I hear it kicks major ass) I am also looking forward to the 2 or 3 LEGO games planned to come out this year:  Batman and Indiana Jones and Believe-it-or-not LEGO: HALO. I hope to get it next week. We will see.

FYI.  anytime you are told to go to a place on Nameless Rd. know that you are going to drive for what seems like forever before you get there.  Any road called Nameless can’t be anywhere close to anything.

thats all from my world.


Time is money so lets waste all of mine

Now I have heard pt’s say stupid things. But Sat night I heard one that takes the cake for this year. (remember its only March)  This pt had been arrested for disorderly conduct   and because he was acting strangely APD suspected he was on PCP (that is ALWAYS their diagnosis for someone acting strange) so we get to come out at almost 1 am to see what this guy’s major malfunction is.  My partner was conducting her usual pt interview, getting vital signs and I am sitting behind in the captain’s seat doing the paperwork.  I get to the blank about medical insurance.   Obviously we don’t require someone to have insurance to get treatment but we ask for it when we have an opportunity just to get that part out of the way.  I lean forward to the pt and say’ “Fred, (as usual name changed to protect the innocent until proven guilty) what do you use for your medical insurance?”  His reply: “Shit I don’t waste my money on shit like insurance.”  

Waste his money. That’s right now I get to waste my money on shit like his medical bills in the way of taxes.  Austin offers a MAP (Medical assistance program) it’s easy to get into but so many people just don’t.  It makes things cheaper for them. Granted I am still paying for it, in part. But those with MAP are charged less for the same services, and many of them actually make at least an attempt at payment.  Here is the kicker IT’S FREE but does he have it??? Hell no.

It would be nice if I could just not pay for medical bills? because if that was the case I wouldn’t be “Wasting my money on shit like insurance”

If you can’t stand the needles, get out of the ambulance.

Thank you to S. Ward for emailing this out:

Fainting fireman sues to get job back

Thu Mar 6, 10:08 PM ET

A firefighter fired for fainting is suing the city of Saratoga Springs. Nathaniel King lost his job with the city fire department in December when he failed to complete newly required paramedic training, according to a lawsuit filed against the city in state Supreme Court in Saratoga County. Now he’s suing to get his job back and for back pay.

The problem is, needles are his nemesis. During paramedic training, King fainted dead away every time he had to give an injection or start an intravenous line.

In the lawsuit, King says he successfully completed emergency medical technician training before being hired, but the department later increased job requirements to include paramedic training. That meant he had to use needles.

Assistant Fire Chief John Betor said he couldn’t discuss the specifics of King’s case, but he was aware of the lawsuit.

In his court filing, King says Betor tried to help him with his needle aversion. He says he even tried hypnotism on Betor’s advice, but it didn’t help.

Public Safety Commissioner Ronald Kim said he can’t discuss pending litigation.

This is the story on Yahoo! news

No honey, you’re pregnant.


First off I would like to say this is NOT about my wife. Nikki is NOT pregnant.

 Now that we have that out of the way, I will continue.

Friday night we get a call for a Prirority 3 Abdominal Pain, 25y/o Female.  My partner and I arrive at the pt. We checked out the normal stuff: Vitals, 4 and 12-leads, etc to rule out a cardiac reason for her pain.  Now that we have decided her heart is not the problem we start looking at our differential diagnoses’.  Gall bladder, Aortic tear, Acid Reflux, etc.  after some investigation. the question is asked, “is there and chance you could be pregnant?”  “I guess I could be.” she says, “but I dont think so.”  My partner and I have, after extensive investigation, determined our pt is in fact pregnant and she doesn’t even know it.   How do you break that to someone? I have never had to. 

Her symptoms:

no period since October

Heartburn after greasy meals

Slight positional SOB

Nausea and vomiting in the AM

Lightheadedness when laying flat.

and them some others that I can’t remember.

So she says, “What do you think is the problem? Am I having a heart attack?”

 My partner then says “No honey, your pregnant.”

The amazing thing is 2 Males saw the signs/symptoms before she herself did. Now I know, “Maybe some one one the outside might have more insight”…..   no she has been pregnant multiple times How do you not learn. Keep your legs closed or use protection or even better BOTH, because some people are just to dumb to have children.

yes I am a Ghostbuster, and Emmitt Smith is my partner.

So we got approved for our apt, Whoop!! Apr 5 is move day. I have to say I feel like I haven’t packed anything. I packed up everything hanging on the walls and all the knick-knacks around the house save 1 or 2. Next is the upstairs TV stuff, then the bar and etc. I realize that I have a lot left to do but I have to figure out what we are going to need for the next month.

Anyone that wants to help is more than welcome… now don’t all raise your hands at the same time…

as for the rest of yesterday I got DAMN lucky.  only one call was outside, and it was during the nicer part. Yeah it was cold, but it wasn’t raining and we were really close to St David’s.  This was a funny call too.  We get there and realize it’s a bunch of BS.  The 2 officers were FTO’s so they had the cadets doing everything holding the guy up (he chugged what was left of his MAD DOG as they walked up…wouldn’t want to waste it) etc.  Well the pt kept saying to the one black officer “Hey it’s great to see you [while holding out his hand] I haven’t seen you in a long time.” The officer was polite but after the 3rd time the officer said to the pt, “Who do you think I am?”  The Pt replied “Emmitt Smith”

Unfortunately the rule here is if the pt cannot walk under his own power the jail nurse will not let them stay and have them sent to the hospital….  I know I know, that’s what drunk tanks are for right???  I tried and tried to get him to walk without assistance but to no avail. Every time we let go of him he began to fall.  I load him up in the truck sat him in the drunk seat. He proceeded to refuse to put his seatbelt on. Finally I told him we weren’t going anywhere until he buckled up.

He said “why do you care?”

Me: “It’s my job”

Him: “So what do you do for a living?”

Me: “look around what do you think I do for a living?”

Him: “Are you a Ghostbuster?”